10 signs of a heart attack you shouldn’t ignore

30 July 2016

Learning to recognise uncommon symptoms of a heart attack can potentially save your life. While general symptoms include chest pain and sweating, these uncommon symptoms should not be overlooked as everyday pains. Save this list as a note on your phone, or jot them down onto a piece of paper to save in your wallet.  While Dr. Oz comments that women are more to likely brush off forms of discomfort, attention must be given to any of these 10 signs of a heart attack:

Tightness or pressure across the chest — a squeezing sensation rather than a sharp pain

Feeling sore in back, neck, jaw, stomach, or shoulder

Shortness of breath

Overwhelming and inexplainable fatigue

Indigestion, nausea and vomiting

Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

Coughing and palpitations

If you think you’re having a heart attack, take an aspirin (not Ibuprofen) immediately and seek medical attention immediately. Aspirin prevents blood from clotting. Harvard Medical School suggests chewing adult-strength (325 milligrams) aspirin, which allows the aspirin to enter your system faster.

Needless to say an unhealthy lifestyle — excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, being overweight, having hight blood pressure or diabetes, smoking — increases the risk of heart disease.

Note that this serves as an informatory and educational post. Do not replace or modify advise from your doctor who would know better about your better condition. It is important to discuss any medical concerns with your physician beforehand.

For more health and wellness tips, tune in to Dr. Oz on Life Inspired, premieres Saturday, 13 August, 11pm MY/SIN/HK.

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