3 easy mood boosters for the office

29 July 2016

Inject a citrusy boost into your day.

Many of us spend one third of our day in office, so it’s only essential that we make our workspace as conducive as possible. Whether it’s trying to combat Monday blues or a familiar post-lunch afternoon slump, we found three each ways to boost your mood in the office.

Eat an orange

For that afternoon snack, swap that packet of biscuits for an orange. Vitamin C is known to reduce stress levels and keep your hormone levels in check. Plus the fruit’s citrusy scent can boost your mood immediately.

Get an office plant

Citing a paper published by the American Psychological Association, The Guardian UK notes that having plants in the office, “one plant per square metre”, can improve employee performance compared to a “lean” and bare workspace. Brighten up a colleague’s day with a bunch of fresh flowers, or pick out a plant to suit your workplace.

flowers office desk

If you’re feeling a tad skeptical having black thumbs, check out our guide to five office plants that won’t die on you — as tried an tested in the Life Inspired HQ.

Grab a cup of coffee 

A mid-morning or mid-afternoon coffee break can be just that extra pick-me-up for the day. Get those leg muscles working with a brisk walk to the pantry or to your favourite pop-up coffee stand. Plus, extra social points for a standing coffee meeting with a colleague.

people-coffee break copy

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