#BTS: 3 things you didn’t know about Taste Bangkok

18 July 2016


Bypassing edits, reshoots, touch ups and outtakes, we peel off the layers of Taste Bangkok and speak to host Ananda Everingham. Making his hosting debut on Life Inspired, the actor tells us what really went on behind the scenes – and at the back of his mind while on site, facing some of Bangkok’s most acclaimed chefs.

Tell us about channeling your inner Bourdain. What was going through your mind before and during the shoot of Taste Bangkok?
Prep for the shoot was quite nerve wracking. With my other productions (film and TV series) we are able to script every bit dialogue and every shot. But with this show, quite often we didn’t know how each segment would play out. During the shoot all I had on my mind was “Eat. Eat. Eat.”

Skills-wise, what’s your biggest takeaway from your hosting debut?
Be myself and try my best to not ramble.

Any amusing bloopers during the shoot?
There was a segment we shot with chef Olivier at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon that we were a bit nervous about, but as it turned out he was extremely eloquent and succinct in his interview, so everything went without a hitch — or so we thought. Taste Bangkok was being told as a one-day narrative in Bangkok, so continuity was necessary. As we were leaving and thanking Chef Olivier for such an amazing interview we realised I had the wrong shirt on for the whole segment! Chef Olivier was a champ and allowed us to reshoot the entire segment in the correct outfit.

Watch the segment and catch the moment where Ananda meets chef Olivier in Taste Bangkok.

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