Sexy back: 3 simple ways to avoid bacne

25 July 2016

While acne might have been a thing of the past for some, bacne can very well creep in way beyond those awkward teenage years. Usually seen making its unwanted appearance nearing that beach getaway, we turn to The Doctors to find out their top three tips to avoid bacne without having to invest in an extensive collection of skin products.

1. Take a shower immediately after working out

Working towards that beach bod? Regardless is you’re just heading out for that quick coffee with a mate, or heading straight home, be sure to take that shower at the gym to avoid clogging pores with sweat and bacteria build-up.

2. Exfoliate 

Just as you would care for your face, give your back that much needed TLC. Grab a loofah on a stick and exfoliate your back well. Though exfoliating requires an extra step in the shower, it’s just something that needs to be done if you want to avoid bacne.

3. Wear wicking clothing

Double up gym wear for long road trips, or discovery walks through a humid morning market in a new city. Wear clothes that will wick sweat away quickly while you’re out and about.

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