Arts Avenue: Design S3

Premieres 25th July 2016

Saturday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 3

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EP 8

Today's episode features the sweet world of sugracraft flowers, creative paper designs that is the paper equivalent of Lego and Dutch coffee makers as a new form of art.

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EP 7

Today's episode showcases sophisticated gift-wrapping designs, innovative button covers and meaningful floral designs.

EP 6

Today's episode features hand knitted designs, hardwood furniture and one-of-a-kind unique bicycles.

EP 5

Today's episode looks at the designs of a diary as a personal space filled with memories, sophisticated tumblers and products with a unique message.

EP 4

Today's episode explores the practical yet stylish boots, Korean fabric and traditional ornaments.

EP 3

Today's episode explores utensils that add value to food culture, statement clutch bag and unique items made with traditional Korean paper, hanji.

EP 2

Today's episode explores hats with personality and value, USB flash drives that are an icon of individuality and fashion watches that complete personal style.

EP 1

Today's episode explores customised business cards which are works of art, soaps with design and traditional Korean homes called hanok.