Arts Avenue: Design S2

Saturday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 2

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EP 6

Today's episode explores designers of fashionable sneakers Suecomma Bonnie and Helena and Kristie, aromatherapy candles and jewellery that strives to preserve Korean tradition.

EP 5

A showcase of unique Korean designs, today's episode features Korean eyewear brands deserving of the world's attention, lighting as a method of designing and dessert as an art.

EP 4

Today’s episode explores modern ceramic crockery, hanji, which is “the paper of Korea” as a home décor item and the importance and significance of a woman’s handbag in Korea.

EP 3

A showcase of unique Korean designs, today's episode features traditional pattern designs, upcycling unwanted goods and a visit to Ceramic works where there's creative crockery.

EP 2

Today's episode explores the appeal of high-heeled shoes, speakers that'll enlighten your visual and listening experience and simple and stylish stationery at rEDCLOUDY and Thence.

EP 1

Today's episode explores chic, high tech bikes, a neighbourhood that's no longer a crime-prone zone through its design and the Korean alphabet, Hangeul as a cultural statement.