Bitten: Sarah Graham Cooks Cape Town

30 minute

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EP 13

Rob's 30th Party
For her husband's birthday, Sarah collaborates with a chef who trained with Gordon Ramsay to design a dinner party that fuses childhood food nostalgia with gourmet influences.

EP 12

Saldanha Community Lunch
Sarah designs and cooks with local ingredients for a group of retired fishermen, using fresh fish, which she bargains from the docks and vegetables from the community.

EP 11

Aunty Sue Visit
Rob's Aunt and Uncle are known for their slow-cooked stew and paella New Year Cook Offs. While it's not New Year, Sarah has convinced the duo to recreate their celebrated dishes.

EP 10

Home Alone
Sarah is at home for a quiet evening with the kitchen all to herself which calls for her to make her favourite fish cakes, a slow cooked chicken dish and get ahead on some baking.

EP 9

Ishay Govender's Food
Sarah and award-winning food blogger Ishay prepare a lunch for fellow food bloggers featuring meals from family recipes with global influences such as curry and sambals dessert.

EP 8

Moyo at Spier
Sarah visits Moyo, an African Cuisine experience at Spier Wine Farm where there are influences from the rest of the continent. Sarah learns some recipes and shares some of her own.

EP 7

Elgin Wine Farm
Sarah and Rob visit their friend's small wine farm in Elgin just outside Cape Town. In this episode Sarah makes Greek Lamb and Feta Burgers and Chocolate and Pecan Nut Brownies.

EP 6

Bo-Kaap cooking lesson
Sarah meets a Cape Malay cuisine exponent in The Bo-Kaap, a place full of character and colourful houses for a Cape Malay cooking lesson where she learns to make Samoosa and Rooti.

EP 5

Saldanha Family Weekend Away
Sarah's family and close friends spend a weekend away at the seaside. It's a chance for the others to try fishing while Sarah explores new ways of serving her favourite seafood.

EP 4

Grand Tasting Affair
For tonight's dinner, a wine expert is ready with the wine, whereas Sarah's cooking up courgette, feta and mint tartlets, steak rolls, sweet potato wedges and a whole lemon tart.

EP 3

Food Barn With Franck Dangereux
A visit to the Food Barn means a meet up with Franck, the chef who provided foreword of her book. Sarah tries to get his ravioli recipe from him while they make pasta from scratch.