Choccywoccydoodah S7

Premieres 6th August 2017

Sunday 9:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

About The Show


EP 8

A Month of Sundaes
There's a chill in the air as Mike need to create a gelato inspired cake for a couple but risks upsetting the team when he demands some free ice cream for research purposes.

EP 7

Flights of Fancy
This time the team are really up against it as Dave and Tom are given the tough task of creating a cake with twenty birds complete with a message in braille!

EP 6

A Family Affair
The team are tasked with creating a chocolatey treat for their all-seeing and all-knowing voice in the sky. It's Choccywoccydoodah Voiceover Artist Stephen Tompkinson's birthday!

EP 5

Friends of Dorothy
This time, the Doo-Dahs are called upon to follow the yellow brick road as Captain Creative Dave must design and build a camp but tasteful wedding cake for a doting couple.

EP 4

The Cabinet of Curiosity
It's Halloween! Christine is insistent that this year's is bigger, better and scarier than ever and that means the team at the studio pulling out all the stops.

EP 3

I Doo Dah
Shop Manager Flick is about to tie the knot and Christine wants to surprise her with TEN cakes to celebrate! And they need to be kept a secret!

EP 2

A Royal Appointment
Artist and head sculptor Dave gets a chance to impress the big wigs at London's Royal Academy when asked to create a cake to accompany the Joseph Cornell exhibition.

EP 1

Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)
Dave's making a cake to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mr. Bean, but his tasty tribute is threatening to turn into a comedy of errors!