Design Star S8

Premieres 1st August 2016

1 hour

Season 8

About The Show


EP 7

Palm Springs Finale
The three remaining Designers are surprised to learn that the finale will take place in the glamorous resort area and design mecca of Palm Springs, California!

EP 6

School Bus Makeovers
The final four Designers face their most ambitious challenges yet. For their Design Challenge, they must each transform the inside of an old school bus!

EP 5

Sorority vs. Fraternity
The five remaining Designers find themselves on a major college campus, where they are given just three days to make over the main room in a sorority and a fraternity house.

EP 4

Real People, Real Kitchens
The six remaining Designers must transform the kitchens and dining rooms in two neighboring homes, in just three days from start to finish.

EP 3

One Client, Four Apartments
Host and Mentor David Bromstad informs the eight remaining contenders that they must work in pairs to transform four identical new apartments, all for the same young married couple.

EP 2

Lofty Ideas
For their second challenge, the nine remaining Designers must transform an old industrial warehouse loft into a multi-functional space for living, eating, sleeping and working.

EP 1

A Brand New Season
In the season premiere, the 10 new contenders must each showcase their personal style or brand.