Dining Innvasion

Wednesday 9:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

About The Show


EP 5

Bayview Wildwood Resort
Victor surprises Rebecca and the Bayview Wildwood Resort by creating a big country buffet, unlike any other, to attract families and local cottagers.

EP 4

Patterson Kaye Resort & Spa
Victor and Rebecca INNvade Patterson-Kaye Lodge during the local Bala Cranberry Festival to create a Crantastic foodie menu with lots of warmth and pop!

EP 3

Fern Resort
Victor creates a fun, inclusive taco night event that redefines team building and Rebecca follows suit with table rounds and décor to inspire conversation.

EP 2

The Bobcaygeon Resort Inn
Chef Victor Barry gives the Bobcaygeon Inn an indulgent family style pub menu to get the whole town buzzing about their local watering hole.

EP 1

Pow Wow Point Lodge
Pow Wow Point Lodge is INNvaded by chef Barry Victor and event planner Rebecca Wise, set to save the resort from climbing food costs and to refresh the dining room.