Food Junkies

Premieres 23rd February 2017

Thursday 8:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

About The Show


EP 10

Food busker John Quilter bangs out a slamming Asian salmon salad. And sweet treat fiend Cupcake Jemma goes on a mega sugar bender you doughnut want to miss.

EP 9

DJ BBQ lives dangerously as he takes on a potentially lethal dose of meat. And John Quilter will do food busking, making some amazing Mexican tuna tacos.

EP 8

Serial meat muncher and barbecue fiend DJ BBQ samples ribs at American BBQ joints and the Soul Food Sisters host one of their famous Caribbean-themed supper clubs.

EP 7

London cabbie Joey spends the day road-testing the capital's best roast dinners, and Chinese-Kiwi chefs The Dumpling Sisters make har gau shrimp dumplings.

EP 6

Black cabbie and die hard diner Joey Bone tests three of the capital's Chinese restaurants, and we meet Philip Wilton, who runs a micro-dairy making cheese in Tottenham.

EP 5

Cabbie Joey Bone road tests three fish and chip eateries, Kerryann Dunlop whips up London's best pizza, and we take a trip to see some cured meats down a cobbled lane.

EP 4

Food Busker John Quilter delights the visitors to Borough Market with his super posh eggy bread, and self-styled food junkie Mr Shemzy experiences Korean food for the first time.

EP 3

Chef Kerryann Dunlop takes on that classic fast food, fried chicken. Plus, cupcake-connoisseur Jemma Wilson takes us on a tour of her three favourite sweet treats about town.

EP 2

Food busker John Quilter cooks a gourmet macaroni cheese, cabbie Joey Bone samples three Full English's and we meet a Jerk chicken legend.

EP 1

Food busker John Quilter cooks posh mushrooms on toast, cabbie Joey Bone road tests three Italian restaurants and we meet one of London's only female butchers.