Game of Homes

Friday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 8

Re-dos And Don'ts
In the race to the finish, teams have to redo what the judges see as the weakest renovation in their house, in 24 hours. Find out who will win their house in this epic finale!

EP 7

Peeling Back Time
With the interiors finished, the teams have 4 days to transform the exterior of their houses. None of the teams have ever renovated an exterior, bringing injury and mistakes.

EP 6

Antique Inspiration
The teams tackle the last room in the house in another 24 hour challenge which causes egos to sore and tensions to overflow. Couples turn on each other and themselves.

EP 5

So Much Tile, So Little Time
Dirty and decrepit bathrooms await each team. In a struggle to gain momentum and regain the favour of the judges, only one team finishes their room before Cameron calls time.

EP 4

The All-Nighter
The teams were sent over the edge as they got only 24 hours to renovate and completely redesign the master bedroom. A surprising winner proves that it's anyone's game to win.

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EP 3

Wild Rooms
Teams have a mind blowing 24 hours to transform a spare bedroom into anything but a bedroom! Creativity runs wild and tempers run hot as each team buckles under the pressure.

EP 2

Kitchen Crisis
The couples face their next challenge which is to makeover the heart of the house, the kitchen and dining area. Givn just 72 hours, the teams struggle to carry out the task.

EP 1

Welcome To My Nightmare
Four teams race to determine who will get which house to transform. For their first challenge, they have just 72 hours to transform the living room of the run down houses.