Girl Eat World

Premieres 29th January

Sunday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

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EP 10

Kamini travels to Dubai in the UAE. Her first impressions? A man-made oasis where money talks, from cars to fashion to food. But does this flashy city have an authentic heart?

EP 9

Milan, the fashion capital, is a place obsessed with the latest and most outrageous trends. Kamini travels to the city to venture beyond this veneer to discover the real Milan.

EP 8

Unlike its richer cousins on the East Coast, when it comes to food, Philadelphia remains less celebrated. Is this the city that started the American Dream, but that time forgot?

EP 7

Kamini travels to one of Europe's most exuberant spaces, Berlin, Germany. By all accounts it is a city alive with creativity. But how has this creativity affected its food culture?

EP 6

Copenhagen is a city with a collective dream. Kamini travels to Denmark's capital to get a taste of sustainable living that has permeated Danish culture from transport to food.

EP 5

Johannesburg has gained reputation as a cesspit of crime. Even so, Kamini tries to discover how food is changing the way Johannesburgers think about their hometown.

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EP 4

Kamini travels to Bangkok, Thailand, a city with food at its heart. From ancient temples to hallowed waterways, Bangkok's culinary tradition is on display on every corner.

EP 3

Kamini ventures into Sydney, Australia to find out how this food city is transformed from its once staid image of meat-and-two-veg into an international culinary destination.

EP 2

Kamini goes to the vibrant capital of Peru, Lima to find out what role food plays in a place described as a drug-trafficking, violent and economically divided city.

EP 1

Kamini travels to Tokyo, Japan where she initially feels that Tokyo is a city cut off from the natural environment and its food culture resembles an urbanised production line.