House My Style

Premieres 27th July 2017

Thursday 9:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

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EP 10

Flooded Market
Do you know what to do if your roof begins to leak? Ling and Paul turn to contractor Jack Nguyen of Tyco Development to learn how to deal with disaster.

EP 9

Feng Shui
What does the position of your couch have to do with your health? Feng Shui Master Sherman Tai teaches Ling and Paul the ancient art of Feng Shui.

EP 8

Staging Success
Realtor and staging expert Steve Wong shows Ling and Paul how choosing the right furniture and artwork can turn an empty house into a home and its importance to future buyers.

EP 7

Back Lane Luxury
Laneway homes have popped up throughout the lower mainland and Ling and Paul learn from several experts about how to keep your family close while still keeping your privacy.

EP 6

Life at Sea
Ling and Paul learn how to keep afloat with an alternative to traditional living. Realtor Judy Ross charts the course for what it takes to own a unique home.

EP 5

Flop or Flip
From sound proofing entertainment room to installing an advanced vacuum system, Ling and Paul may just fall flat on their face before they ever get done their first home flipping.

EP 4

City Slickers
From getting rid of bugs to the costs of owning and operating heavy machinery, realtor and farm owner Dale Badh teaches Ling and Paul what it takes to maintain and sell a farm.

EP 3

Turf War
High end realtor Les Twarog takes Ling and Paul through the dizzying heights of high end marketing, complete with aerial photography experts Jason Toth and Derek Heidt of RVRD.

EP 2

Selling Saltwater City
Ling and Paul get some healthy advice from Chinese Herbalist Mr Zhou and realtor Jordan Eng, and cook up some food for thought with restauranteur Salli Pateman.

EP 1

Hotel Motel
Commercial realtor Cynthia Dong takes Ling and Paul through the family owned Riviera Hotel. They soon learn selling and owning a hotel is no vacation.