Mansion Hunters

30 minute

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EP 10

Paul has one week to find the perfect Palm Springs location for a wedding, and back in L.A., things heat when Marisa and Kenny have to put out fires on a cooking show shoot.

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EP 9

Paul & Marisa scour Malibu for a picky heiress, and if meeting their client's many demands wasn't enough, the client's dog has the final say on the mansion's approval.

EP 8

Paul wants perfection during the Image Locations annual client appreciation party, but when an unwanted guest is caught poaching Paul's clients, he decides to do something drastic.

EP 7

Kenny puts his client's shoot in jeopardy when the homeowner is the last to know about a lion on her premises and Paul's relationship with a longtime client gets messy.

EP 6

Raising the Black Dahlia
When Paul mixes business and friendship with an eccentric friend, he finds their relationship and his own sanity is put to the test.

EP 5

You Get What You Give
Paul may have bitten off more than he can chew with a charity fundraiser and when Marisa's old flame comes to town for a photo shoot, tension rises between Camilla & Marisa.

EP 4

Double Booked
When two clients vie for the same mansion, Jen & Camilla battle it out to find a solution. When Paul's stress level gets out of hand, Marisa and Kenny embark on a secret mission.

EP 3

A Not-So-Friendly Competition
Kenny is in hot water with Jen when everything falls apart on the Nadia Forde music video shoot, and Paul's company is threatened by some very close competition.

EP 2

House of Horrors
Camilla finds herself on a location shoot from hell when a scary movie set becomes a nightmare and across town in Malibu, Jen is seeing red because of a client who only sees orange.

EP 1

The Masterpiece
When Hollywood's hot celebrities, production companies and fashion photographers need a larger than life luxurious mansion for work or play, there's one man they call: Paul Kim.