Million Dollar Listing New York S4

Premieres 10th February 2017

Friday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

Season 4

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EP 12

Don't Touch Me, Bro
Luis hatches a plan to lure Ryan back to the negotiating table. Ryan tries to salvage another deal that fell through after the buyer was unexpectedly arrested.

EP 11

The Final Shakedown
In an attempt to bolster interest in his new West Side development, Fredrik takes buyers on a Hudson River cruise, but he come back ashore with more than he bargained for.

EP 10

Luis 2.0
Luis reaches out to old friends to close a deal that painfully eluded him before. Ryan is busy trying to sell an apartment when he's blindsided by news from fiancé, Emilia.

EP 9

Dude, Where's My Broker?
Luis' search for a missing broker comes to an unexpected end. And, the time has come to sell a penthouse and settle a bet between Ryan and former assistant, Olivia.

EP 8

Don't Count Your Eggs
Dogsledding and snowball fights are all part of the pitch as Fredrik tries to fetch a record-setting price for the mountain-top home he's come to Sweden to sell.

EP 7

I Love You, Puffer Munkin
Ryan tries to close the biggest deal of his life and he plans on sealing this one with a kiss. Meanwhile, an unexpected twist throws Luis for a loop.

EP 6

Unfinished Business
Fredrik's reputation, and 22.5 million dollar price-point, is on the line when his developers threaten to back out of the premium finishes they promised.

EP 5

Walking on Eggshells
It's a race to the finish line with Ryan's Russian buyer. Luis is painting a beautiful picture out of his new listing after learning the apartment once belonged to a famous artist.

EP 4

Frenemies Unite
Fredrik invites Ryan to co-list a new penthouse in Chelsea. Fredrik is ready to be fast-friends, and maybe something more? Meanwhile, Luis scores an offer on his townhouse in Harlem.

EP 3

Three Brokers And A Baby
Old friends come knocking with a new listing in Harlem and Luis is ready to party, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like buyers got the invite.

EP 2

Bids & Brawls
Ryan's boss needs a broker and he thinks Ryan is just the guy to sell his apartment along with that 400-piece art collection he recently bought.

EP 1

New Wheels, New Deals
New York's three favorite brokers are back! Fredrik is hoping to close out at an open house that includes amongst its guests longtime rival, Ryan, and more recent frenemy, Luis.