Namaste Yoga S3

Premieres 1st January

Sunday 6:30 AM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

About The Show


EP 13

Reconnect and Refine
This exhilarating sequence encourages you to find comfort in the present moment, and let go of preconceived expectations or agendas.

EP 12

Grace and Gratitude
A joyous and elegant sequence, Grace and Gratitude opens the front of your body with a series of dynamic backbends.

EP 11

Prana Flow
Power and Prana calls for a constant presence of mind and steadiness of breath. It is in this state you learn when to stabilize and when to let go.

EP 10

Stabilize and Center
Stabilize and Center allows for the creation of a deeper connection with your core, as well as the present moment.

EP 9

Open and Ground
A dynamic sequence for your upper body, Open and Ground will work your torso with a series of restorative and heart opening poses.

EP 8

Bhakti Flow
Bhakti Flow calls for an expansion of your entire being through the practice of bhakti, devotion. Learn to be spacious with your breath, and surrender to the way of the sequence.

EP 7

Balance and Bend
Stand tall and find your truest state of focus and center with this balancing flow. Use the breath to align your posture and learn to experience your practice.

EP 6

Reflect and Connect
Reflect and Connect will engage your whole body with a series of poses that first calm and center, and then awaken and inspire.

EP 5

Create Your Calm
Cultivate a sense of peace and stability with the Create Your Calm sequence. This restorative flow stays low to allow for a deeper connection to the earth and its grounding energy.

EP 4

Release and Restore
Release and Restore is a sequence that brings you full circle through a series of poses that create space for reflection.

EP 3

Soften The Edges
Soften the Edges is a sequence that encourages a sense of ease in both body and breath while moving through a dynamic series of confident poses.

EP 2

Align Your Axis
Detoxify your whole body with this spine-loving sequence. Learn to be softer on the outside, as you awaken the power of your core.

EP 1

Warrior Within
With an intense focus on the breath, Warrior Wisdom creates a moment of presence that is attentive, aware and complete.