Restaurant Express with Robert Irvine

Friday 8:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 7

Vegas or Bust
The Restaurant Express bus arrives at the final location: The M Resort in Las Vegas, where the winner will open their very own restaurant!

EP 6

The Truck Stops Here!
The three remaining chefs are each given a food truck and are challenged on their ability to serve specific groups of diners at three iconic places: a zoo, a mall and a bar scene.

EP 5

Going, Going, Gone!
The remaining four contestants are given their biggest budget challenge: create a supper club with $1,000 and an empty restaurant shell.

EP 4

Battle by The Beach
The Restaurant Express bus arrives at the iconic Balboa Pier in New Beach, Calif.The remaining five contestants will each have to open a concession stand serving three same dishes.

EP 3

Express Impossible
The Restaurant Express bus arrives in Los Angeles, where the contestants face their first group challenge inspired by Restaurant: Impossible.

EP 2

Tantrum in Temecula
The contestants' market knowledge is tested when the Restaurant Express bus arrives in Temecula, Calif., a small, upscale town with lots of restaurants.

EP 1

Vegas Meltdown
Nine aspiring restaurateurs arrive in Las Vegas and must first pitch their dream restaurant concept to Chef Robert Irvine to secure one of the 8 seats on the Restaurant Express Bus.