Sarah Graham’s Food Safari

Premieres 9th March 2017

Thursday 8:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 8

Chundu Island, Zambia
It's an early start for the group as they set off further up-river for the adventure of Chundu Island Safari Camp where Sarah cooks a meal for her family.

EP 7

Livingstone, Zambia
Sarah makes a stop at Livingstone to inspect the Lion Conservation Centre. Dinner is served at sunset on the banks of the river before everyone heads off for a good night's sleep.

EP 6

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
Makuwakuwa, is famous for its warthog steaks. Sarah learns the recipe from the restaurants' head chef, and cooks a couple of other favourite recipes to enjoy at sunset.

EP 5

Sheila's Dinner
Sarah catches up with Sheila, a Safari Camp Chef for over 20 years. The two share cooking tips while preparing a traditional evening meal of chicken livers and aromatic goat stew.

EP 4

Volunteer Dinner
Sarah gets cooking to welcome a new group of volunteers for the Antelope Park Lion Rehabilitation Project with a delicious feast.

EP 3

Bush Walk and Breakfast
After a sunrise walking safari, one of her favourite things to do in the world, Sarah whips up a scrumptious bush breakfast for her family.

EP 2

Fig Tree
Arriving on elephant back in the late afternoon, Sarah's guests experience a spectacular feast under starry skies at one of Sarah's favourite spots.

EP 1

Sarah returns to her home in Antelope Park. Before a quick lake-side brunch with her Mum and Dad, Sarah heads off to see the newest additions to the Lion Rehabilitation Centre.