Selling New York S1

30 minute

Season 1

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EP 13

Glamour and High Business
A broker throws a cocktail party to show off a $25 million listing at a Manhattan landmark; an agent seeks help to settle with a client who's looking to buy a $20 million property.

EP 12

Eye of the Beholder
An agent risks his reputation by making a promise to a developer about his sales ability; a broker tries to please a couple who have different ideas on what they want in a home.

EP 11

The Push
An expecting couple needs an apartment before their baby arrives; an agent is under the gun to sell units in a luxury development.

EP 10

Property Hunters
An investment group wants to buy a brownstone in Brooklyn; an agent advises a close friend to buy a weekend home in the Hamptons instead of renting.

EP 9

Managing Expectations
A seller is too attached to her property; a buyer with a $2.5 million budget and an extremely long wish list learns to compromise; and a first-time buyer gets cold feet.

EP 8

Location, Location, Location
A client makes a special request that interrupts an agent's trip to Boca Raton. Meanwhile CORE's new hire proves ambitious.

EP 7

Extra Special Spaces
A designer previews a $25 million house for a client; an agent does a charity event in a loft to spark interest in it; and downtown expert looks for the perfect space for a client.

EP 6

All in the Family
A soap star considers selling her parents' home; a broker calls on her mom for help dealing with a demanding client; and an agent's daughter compares New York and Connecticut.

EP 5

Educated Decisions
Two agents search for a luxury rental unit for an investor with no budget limit, while their colleague fights to keep an overseas client from being poached by a competitor.

EP 4

Cooking Up a Real Estate Deal
A broker hunts for a multimillion-dollar retreat in Connecticut for a wealthy client; an agent risks losing a deal as he tries to educate a stubborn client about the market.

EP 3

Setting the Stage
An agent works with a bold fashion designer to find a $15,000 a month live/work rental while another calls in a high-end designer to stage a $5-million dollar Chelsea penthouse.

EP 2

Time Is Money!
A client's loft is overpriced, so an agent tries to negotiate a lower price. Elsewhere, an author with a $2mill budget wants to find a home in two days before leaving the country.

EP 1

The Big Event
A lush Park Avenue apartment goes on the market following a couple's divorce in the premiere of this series following Manhattan real-estate agents.