Style Like It S2

Premieres 24th June 2017

Saturday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 2

About The Show


EP 6

DIY woodshop in the underground
Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin visit a DIY woodshop in the underground. Plus, they try their hand on DIY items.

EP 5

Craft beer tour
Get to know food that suits beer the best and discover a whole new world of chicken plus beer with Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin.

EP 4

The trendiest hanbok
Discover the trendiest hanbok inside a trendy hanbok studio in South Korea. Plus, watch our hosts' mini hanbok fashion show and get to make-your-own hanbok!

EP 3

Oasis in the city
Today our two MCs, Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin visit an oasis in the city of Seoul, a “Spa Café”. Plus, Han Hye-jin shares the recipe to her detox juice!

EP 2

Actor Lee Gyu-han and supermodel Han Hye-jin reveals the latest trending item in fall season, including camping items, outdoor outfits and workout clothes.

EP 1

Indoor surfing
Today, our two MCs, Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin test their surfing skill, without travelling to the coast - they'll be going to an indoor surfing centre!