The Doctors S8

Premieres 23rd January

Monday 8:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 32

Woman's Hair Dye Nightmare!
A woman walks into a salon to get her hair dyed and ends up in the hospital with her face blown up so big that she couldn't breathe! And, a bra that protects you from predators?!

EP 31

A 6-Million-Dollar Birthday Party?
"Thigh gap" jewellery and a 6 million dollar birthday for a 15 year-old! Then, learn the secrets of how "Hollywood Vampires" like Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani stay so young.

EP 30

Supermodel Molly Sims Reveals Personal Secrets!
Supermodel Molly Sims swings by to talk sex, beauty and reveals a personal story that left her shaken. Plus, con artists reveal secrets for stealing people's identities!

EP 29

Property Brothers' Healthy Home Checklist
The Doctors meet a teenager who nearly died from a social media challenge. Next, could your house be making you sick? Plus, what does your selfie really say about you?

EP 28

Shocking Peeping Tom Motel?
The Doctors discuss the disturbing story of a motel owner who claims he has been spying on his guests for 29 years! Then, get an inside look into Ian Ziering's fitness routine.

EP 27

Sushi Shocker Revealed!
Eat sushi, get a tapeworm? The one item you should be eating with your sushi that can help keep you from getting sick! Then, see a procedure that can permanently erase wrinkles!

EP 26

Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses Family Health Issues
Sarah Jessica Parker sits down with Dr. Travis to discuss family health issues. Plus, a woman secretly records her surgery only to hear her doctor trash-talking her.

EP 25

Dr. Phil's Medical Condition
Dr. Phil reveals the medical condition he's been battling for years. Plus, beloved parenting expert Jo Frost weighs-in on the latest controversial hot topics affecting your kids!

EP 24

Shocking Things Found in Your Food
The Doctors uncover some of the grossest things found in your food. Plus, discover the common cooking habit that could be worse than secondhand smoke!

EP 23

The Cake Cleanse Diet
A man was attacked by a shark and says the shark actually saved his life! Plus, can you eat cake and still lose weight on The Cake Cleanse Diet?

EP 22

A Woman Is Hit by Two Cars and Left for Dead!
A woman is hit by two cars and left for dead! Plus, The Doctors discuss every parents worst nightmare, a story about a surgery performed on the wrong baby.

EP 21

Hot Topics with Piers Morgan!
Piers Morgan stops by to address his Twitter feud with Susan Sarandon. Plus, therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue shares what you need to know to keep your relationship healthy.

EP 20

The Doctors Exclusive: Frozen to Death for Hours
Meet the man who was frozen to death for hours before being revived! Plus, meet a woman who used a controversial website to fundraise for plastic surgery!

EP 19

Real Housewives of New York's Kristen Taekman!
The Doctors discuss the story of a man who has a dime lodged in his lungs! Then, The Doctors talk about a website that has been called as the "Ebay for Breakups"!

EP 18

DIY Injections to Lighten Skin?
Anti-depressants for babies? The Doctors tackle the controversial treatment. Then, a DIY skin lightening trend is gaining popularity across the globe. Find out the trend's risks!

EP 17

Adele's Song Prompts Women to Call Exes
Find out how singer Adele's song could be affecting your relationship! Dr. Ordon tests out a fitness tracker, for sex? Next, The Doctors stage an intervention on a sugar addict.

EP 16

Exclusive: Reality Star's Shocking Nose Surgery!
Follow former 'Love & Hip Hop' star Hazel-E as she gets nose reconstruction surgery! Plus, meet 3 guys who participated in a taped experiment that gave them periods for 3 days!

EP 15

Woman Wakes up from Surgery to Missing Belly Button!
It's a shocking medical mystery - one mom's tummy tuck surgery leaves her with a missing belly button! Plus, could kids sue parents for posting their photos on social media?

EP 14

Viral Toddler Shaming?
The Doctors discuss the latest trend on social media – parents posting pictures of their toddlers up to no good. But could there be good news about mess-making toddlers?

EP 13

Beyoncé’s Hair Secrets
Did you know that one of Beyonce's beauty secrets for flawless locks costs $20 or less? Plus, should companies offer "period leave" to female employees?

EP 12

3-Second Contouring Hack!
The member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stops by and shares how to harness your sexy alter ego. Then, see how you can contour your facial features in 3-seconds flat!

EP 11

Mates Based on Your Food Choices!
A controversial "breastfeeding" photo of a young boy pretending to feed his sibling goes viral! Plus, one woman picks her date based solely on the contents of his icebox.

EP 10

Cyndi Lauper Opens up about Her Health Struggle
Music legend Cyndi Lauper opens up about a health condition she's been battling for years. Plus, a young man in a constant state of hunger is arrested for stealing food.

EP 9

Exclusive: American Idol Star's Health Scare
A former American Idol contestant speaks out about her brain surgery to remove a tumor. Then, could one wrong cosmetic injection kill you? Find out the surprising findings.

EP 8

A Teen's Battle with Extreme Cystic Acne and Bullying
A mother reveals how acne and bullying are destroying her teenage daughter's life. Then, can a little mold on your food be safe? Find out when you should trim it or toss it!

EP 7

Shocking Hot Headlines Caught on Camera!
A mother and daughter's shocking plastic surgery addiction has cost them $87,000 to look like their favorite celeb! Then, a 3-year-old gets his eye glued shut after an urgent care!

EP 6

One Woman's Botched Surgery Nightmare!
Can The Doctors help one woman reverse the botched surgery damage caused by medical tourism? Then, a new treatment for scars and wrinkles is put to the test!

EP 5

Top Trends and Procedures Put to the Test!
New treatments for hot flashes, saggy jowls, love handles, skinny lips and more! Do they work and are they right for you?

EP 4

Hot Topics with Carmen Electra!
Carmen Electra dishes on dealing with relationship drama. Find out how to build a booty without surgery. And, a miracle cream that claims to erase under-eye bags instantly!

EP 3

Quick Fixes for Brain Fog
Could celebrities be to blame for a new risky plastic surgery trend? Then, what's the real deal with the Alkaline Diet? And, instant brain fog fixes you can't miss!

EP 2

Embarrassing Problem You Don't Have to Live With
The Doctors dives into why most women are attracted to "bad boys". Then, an embarrassing body problem that affects millions of women, but can be controlled in minutes?

EP 1

Celebrity Health News Breaking Now
The Doctors cover the celebrity health headlines, including Kim Kardashian's dangerous pregnancy complication. Plus, Amber Rose reveals style steals you can't afford to miss!