This Old Thing

Saturday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

About The Show


EP 6

Dawn shows 'safe' shopper Kelly and high street lover Lucie that vintage is unique by altering their old unloved clothes. The team alters a jacket, a homemade dress and a 60s hat.

EP 5

Dawn tries to convince Elissa and Kirsty, who find their clothes bland that vintage clothes is the answer.At the workshop, they alter a jacket, a sequinned top and a wedding dress.

EP 4

Dawn tries to convince two High Street lovers who dress like Tomboys that vintage is the way to go. At the workshop, the team alters a suit, an 80s wedding dress and a 50s dress.

EP 3

Dawn tries to convince vintage-hater Liza and sports teacher Ricky to try vintage fashion. Dawn enlists her team of tailors to alter a 70s dress, a pair of jeans and a dull skirt.

EP 2

Dawn shows Emma and Lauren that vintage clothes can look as great as anything from the High Street. Dawn goes to her workshop to reinvent a jacket, a 70s dress and a tea dress.

EP 1

Dawn tries to convince Chevonne and Carly to try vintage rather than High Street by altering old clothes to something unique. Dawn also explores the history of vintage fashion.