Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes

Sunday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 6

Lush Lunches
In this episode Tom shows us some great recipes for livening up lunches and making them proper lush, whereby he'll make tomato soup, ham and mushroom pie, among others.

EP 5

Old Skool Favourites
In this episode, Tom cooks dishes based on some of his favourites from his childhood, such as chicken kiev, his mum's sausage roast and his version of a lasagne.

EP 4

Tasty Dinners
Tom will be making a fuss-free dish which is the lemon pepper chicken and will also be bringing an old retro dinner back which consists of scampi and chips and rice pudding.

EP 3

Weekend Specials
This episode is all about dishes for the weekend – when you have time to enjoy being in the kitchen and cook yourself something extra special to share with family and friends.

EP 2

In this episode, Tom creates dishes inspired by some of his favourite takeaway foods such as the puff pastry pizza, the doner kebab, the Cornish pasty, burgers and doughnuts.

EP 1

Crowd Pleasers
In this episode, Tom's serving up some great crowd pleasing dishes such as pulled beef brisket, potato skins, coleslaw and chocolate tart to share with his mates at a party.